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What is the FFA program?

FFA is the abbreviation for Foreign Language Professional Education.The FFA is a study offer for students of the law program at the University of Osnabrück, which has been offered since the winter semester 2007/2008.

What are the goals of the FFA program?

The participants of the FFA will receive an in-depth subject-specific knowledge in a foreign language as well as basic knowledge of the relevant legal system and thus be prepared for stays abroad and professional and professional activities abroad or with contact to foreign countries.

What are the benefits of attending the FFA courses?

Especially for incoming ERASMUS students, the courses of our FFA progam offer a great possibilty to get to know other students from the University of Osnabrück because the classes are small and we often work in teams. 

Which courses are offered and what is the content of these? 

We offer courses in English UK, English US, French, Polish, Spanish and Chinese.Each course is held by a native speaking lecturer.A current study plan with an overview of the courses can be found here: Study plan

The FFA is divided into two academic years, with the first year offering general language training and a course in business language.In the following semesters, there are courses on the introduction to the law of the country concerned, as well as advanced and in-depth courses.Details of our course offerings can be found here: course descriptions

 Who can participate?

Other than the first semester language course, all of our courses are open to visiting students. These courses are taught in four languages: English (USA and UK), Chinese, French and Spanish. The language level for all courses except Chinese is B2, however visiting student are welcome to join these courses regardless of their language level. 

I am an Erasmus student and need to complete an exam. Can I get ECTS points for the FFA courses?

ERASMUS students who need to complete an exam in order to get more ECTS points can take the exam type listed in the table above or come to an agreement with the course instructor regarding a different kind of exam.For the ECTS points, please have a look at our ERASMUS+ site

How can I apply as an Erasmus student?

To attend our FFA courses, please make sure to sign up for the available courses in Stud.IP